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The kindergarten


The new kindergarten of Xishan School in Jiangxi Province covers an area of 5000 square meters and a building area of 6000 square meters. It is one of the first projects completed and put into use in the second phase of the project. September 28, 2009, with the whole kindergarten of our school moving into the new park and putting into use formally, it marks that the cause of early childhood education in Xishan has entered a new stage, and it is also a new milestone in the development of Xishan education.







The new park has audio-visual classroom, enlightenment audio-visual classroom, environmental kitchen, multi-functional children's reading area, outdoor children's paradise and other equipment and facilities. Unlike other kindergartens, the internal design of the new kindergarten pays great attention to the psychological needs of parents, and specially sets up a network monitoring system. Parents can watch their children's clothing, food, housing and transportation at home at any time through the computer.


幼教部 幼教部


The new kindergarten adopts the mainstream kindergarten class model at home and abroad, and classes are organized according to three levels: large, medium and small. Each class is equipped with two teachers and two nurses. At the same time, the new kindergarten is equipped with martial arts teachers. The professional qualified rate of teachers reaches 100%, and it has a strong guarantee of teachers'strength. The whole kindergarten takes "Constructive Course of Central China Normal University" as its main curriculum framework, Montessori Early Childhood Education System as its reference textbook, and adopts intrusive bilingual teaching in Chinese and English throughout the teaching process, so that children can learn to express and communicate daily in English in their daily life. At the same time, with art education as the carrier, the kindergarten's artistic potential is emphatically developed and the dancing foundation of children is trained. Music foundation, rhythm training and artistic accomplishment.


幼教部 幼教部


Living facilities, teaching facilities and entertainment facilities are in the leading position in kindergartens of the province. Small classes: Open large, medium and small classes and implement bilingual teaching. Artistic: With "Constructive Course of Huashi Normal University" as the main curriculum framework, Montessori's early childhood education system as a reference textbook, offering courses with English, piano, dance, art, performance, language, martial arts and other characteristics. Integration: Pay attention to the whole process of internal management, so that children in a happy childhood life to gain beneficial experience for physical and mental development, experience success.

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